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Chicos De Nazca

Blowing Inside Vinyl

LP $29.99

Release Date: 20/10/2015

Discs: 1

Chicos de Nazca is a super band formed originally by La Hell Gang guitarist Pancho Cabala and Delta 21 drummer and vocalist Cucho Avendaño, also a famous Chilean skater. It’s roots mixes up hip-hop, rave rock and samples giving birth to a very eclectic record that was only released on CD-R, ‘Far and Close’, with very popular youtube videos and the first European tour of BYM bands ever.

By it’s second formation, the band evolved into a more live band outfit, with shoegaze influences and punk flowing thorugh their veins. This captured the attention of Hozac Records who were to release their second album, by the time the band reformed again to become a power trio with a remaining steady drum section but on a more bluesy-drone style.


1. Coming All the Time
2. I Wanna Bring You Here
3. You Will Rise
4. Bo is Alive
5. Nobody Saw You Around
6. You Come To See It All
7. Waterfall Dream
8. Only Place
9. Overtime
10. Get Out Through It All