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Almost Reach The Sun Vinyl

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Release Date: 03/06/2016

Discs: 1

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Trementina raised from the south of Chile with infectious noise and dreamy melodic sounds that gets you in a string of deep and epic feelings, a snappy mellow dirty hit. Many references such as Lush and Slowdive just for giving some names, makes this shoegaze coming from south-america in the vibe we love the music for, an urgent call that makes move out of your chair and encourage you to do something worthy. To drive far far away with extra boost on your side. The band begun on 2012 in Valdivia, one of the most beautiful cities in Chile, 800 km south from Santiago. 

1. Hazy Youth
2. Makes Me Think
3. Lazy Lovers
4. Brilliant Noise
5. Kisses In Your Eyes
6. Besides
7. Grounded
8. I Know You Well